Privacy Policy:

 We respect your privacy and appreciate our relationship with you. This privacy policy describes the different types of personal information we collect about our customers, how we use it, and who we share it with. In addition, the various options available to our customers regarding our use of information are described. We also explain the measures we take to maintain information security and how our customers can contact us regarding our privacy policy. Updates to our Privacy Policy . This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time without prior notice to reflect changes in the way we use our information. We will post a prominent notice on our site to notify you of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy and indicate when it was last updated. How to contact us . If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to update any information about you that we have or have about you, please contact us by email at: or via the contact form on the site – https: // The information we collect We may collect information when you identify or identify with the app at a business, on our site, or in conjunction with mobile apps or other social networks. Location data is regularly collected and used for navigation, targeting, search, and location-based advertising. This Privacy Policy does not cover any information collected outside of the Site. When you visit this site or our social networking activity or mobile app, you may collect certain information about you through automated means, using technologies such as cookies. Information that you provide You can provide us with personal information in a number of ways, such as when you participate in a promotion or promotion, or when you make a purchase at a business and mark it on your digital tab. The types of information you can provide us include: Call details (such as name, address, email address, and mobile or other phone number). Date of birth, gender. Product or service category preferences. Payment details (such as credit card, shipping address, and billing address). Geographical details when using one of our mobile apps. How we use personally identifiable information For sending customized marketing content. For providing alerts (notifications) based on services and products.  You agree that we may send you promotional material or other communications in accordance with the Communications Act. You may remove yourself from our mailing list at any time. Contact you about your participation, special events, contests, sweepstakes, programs, surveys and other offers. Operate our activities on social networks or mobile apps and communicate with them. Operate, evaluate and improve our business (among others: developing new products and services, managing our communications, analyzing our products, performing information analytics, and conducting control, learning and any internal organizational activities) Information we share The business that uses our systems to give you a benefit or join you into a member club, benefits, consumerism and the like may keep a record of actions you have taken on your site or app, including a record saved in our apps. We will not share any additional information about you with such a business, nor will we share identified information about a particular user's visit to a business with another business. Except as stated in this Privacy Policy, we do not share personally identifiable information with third parties. In addition, we may disclose information about you (1) if required by law or legal process, (2) to law enforcement or other government officials, or (3) if we believe that exposure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical injury or loss Economic, or in connection with an investigation of fraud, or actual or alleged activity. We reserve the right to transfer personal information about you in the event that we sell or transfer our business or any part thereof. In the event of such sale or transfer, a reasonable effort will be made to instruct the Receiver to use the information you have provided to us in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. Following such a sale or transfer, you may contact anyone to whom your personal information has been transferred in connection with any information related question. Consent and removal by email At the time of delivery of the user's information, including registering with the site and / or submitting an email address and / or placing the user's order, the site operator and / or related parties may notify him of any communication, including offers for the purchase of any property or service and / or advertising mail of any kind. And / or system and / or service and / or other customer notifications. In accordance with our Terms of Use, when you provide us with your e-mail address during your use of the Website or in the Application, you acknowledge receiving notices from us including messages that constitute “advertisement” in accordance with section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasts), 1982 of Israeli law . By providing the e-mail address you agree that we will send such messages to you, but you may remove yourself from our mailing list at any time by emailing us at: and it will be processed within up to 3 business days. You may instruct us at any time not to send you promotional content by e-mail by tapping the “unsubscribe” link within the promotional messages you receive from us or by contacting us as set out below. In addition, you can remove yourself from receiving promotional content by emailing us at: . If you uninstall the app, you will stop receiving notifications until you reinstall it. "Temporary removal" – In the app settings you can select "Do not disturb" and in this situation the user will not receive notifications from the app, and you can select and mark categories that interest the user in which they will receive notifications from the app and mark other categories that are not of interest to the user and messages from this area will not appear And will not be accepted on the device. Geographical location In order to get the best app experience, when you use one of our mobile apps, you may be asked to submit your geographic location through our mobile app. You can choose not to share your geographic location information by adjusting the location service settings on your mobile device, but in this situation you will not enjoy all the features of the app. Your right to cancel any consent You may revoke any consent you have previously given us to process your personal information, and we will honor your request. In some cases, revoking your consent will prevent you from enjoying some of our products or services. Review, update and change personal information Subject to any applicable law in this case, you may be entitled to request access to and obtain details of the personal information we hold about you, to update and correct inaccuracies in your personal information, and to require that the information be blocked or deleted, as the case may be. The right to access personal information may be restricted in certain circumstances or under the law. You may request to review, change or delete your personal information by emailing: . Children's privacy Our services, including the app, are not for children. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children. In the event that it becomes clear to us that on our part we did not intend to obtain personal information from a visitor who has not yet reached the site of 13, we will delete this information from our records. How we protect personal information We adhere to appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to safeguard personal information you have provided against destruction, loss of access, access, disclosure or accidental, illegal or unauthorized use, including use of the SSL Protocol. Transfer information without identifying details From the site and app operator, you may use the information you provide for statistical information analysis and delivery to related parties and any other party for the purpose of examining a number of website visitors and / or users of the app, segmenting shopping habits, generic segmentation, adjusting advertisement ads according to browsing habits and for any other purpose, With the aim of improving the site and app activity and services offered there. In this case, the data will be anonymous and will not be personally addressed or recognized by you, and any information may be used, and transmitted, without limitation. Now you are a favorite customer!


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